Handmade Process of Rubirosa Cigars

Corporación Tabaquera Dominicana S.A.
Proud producers of the Rubirosa brand cigars.

Our company started in late 1994, as a small independent producer of premium cigars in the heartland of Dominican tobacco country, the Cibao Valley of Santiago de los Caballeros. By 1998, our firm was established in the local and international market as manufacturers of quality premium puros.

In the last decade, production moved to the Santo Domingo plant, increasing capacity and updating quality control to ensure that each of our handcrafted cigars is a work of art.

We believe a fine cigar should be enjoyed by all the senses and the cigar aficionado should make of it a leisurely affair to be appreciated equally whether in the company of a friend or a good book.

As a company, we are committed to the selection of the finest leaves, the proper aging and the exquisite composition of each and every Rubirosa Cigar, handmade by Masters in the Dominican Republic.

Corporación Tabaquera Dominicana, S.A.

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