Cigars have long been used by world leaders, writers, actors and athletes,
who regard a cigar as a thing of beauty, perfect for moments of meditation or celebration.

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The Power Players…

Hemingway wrote some of his greatest novels while puffing on his cigar. Political figures from Winston Churchill to John F. Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, Fidel Castro and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been among the celebrated aficionados of their day.

Sports icons recognized as cigar enthusiasts have included the legendary slugger Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Actors known for their appreciation of a fine cigar include Antonio Banderas, Denzel Washington, John Travolta and Jack Nicholson, among others. George Burns celebrated his 100th birthday by lighting up!

Celebrity connoisseurs include Sharon Stone, Demí Moore and Linda Evangelista, proving that cigars can be a tasteful experience for the ladies too.

More about Rubirosa Cigars…

Experts agree that the Dominican Republic at present produces higher quality Cuban seed tobacco than any other country. We have also benefited from the expertise of Cuban master craftsmen, who have immigrated to our country over the years.

A cigar consists of the filler, the binder and wrapper. The filler is our special combination of leaves, the “bunch” responsible for the state of a special blend. There are usually a variety of leaves combined in the filler. The flavor is largely the result of a special combination of filler and binder and, as a finishing touch, the wrapper.


Tips for new cigar buffs…

Use a sharp cutter called a guillotine for a round cut, so that the cigar edges are not frayed in the process. Cut the head off straight, where the cap meets the wrapper.

Avoid lighters with lighter fluid, as the vapors will affect the taste. There are special lighters designed for puros that allow for even lighting. These use odorless gas and include a flame regulator.

Never hold the cigar in the flame, but rather above it, rotating slowly so that the cigar burns equally. The flame should be drawn by sucking gently on the cigar.

Smoke slowly, using small puffs so the taste is easily appreciated by allowing smoke to circulate in the mouth. Never inhale the smoke, as it is tasted with the mouth and the nose.

It is best to keep the ash as long as possible, allowing it to burn and fall on its own.

Long-filler cigars are best stored in a special humidor box with moisture conditions at about 70 % humidity to prevent dryness.

Learn to take time to enjoy a long, leisurely smoke. You should never rush the experience but rather indulge yourself in the sense of privilege and the feeling of being on top of the world!

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