Cigars, past and present… chasing a great smoke

Corporación Tabaquera Dominicana S.A. is fortunate to operate as an independent company,
with a boutique production of handmade cigars, created for a select market of clients,
who appreciate the making of exquisite cigars as that which it truly is, an art form.


Cigar production in the Dominican Republic

After the conquistadors were introduced to tobacco leaves by the Taino indians, Hispaniola’s tobacco plant was shipped to Europe in the mid 16th century and valued for its medicinal properties. By 1600, it was one of this island’s principal exports, along with sugar, coffee and cotton.

By order of the King of Spain, in 1763 the first tobacco factory was established and the fertile Cibao valley became the agricultural heartland for tobacco cultivation.

The 1959 Cuban revolution and the subsequent exodus of many expert cigar makers from Cuba to the Dominican Republic helped expand our industry, as did the establishment of industrial free zones for cigar production in the 1970s. With its dynamic production levels and excellent quality, the popularity of the Dominican-made cigar spread globally. At present, the country is exporting almost half the cigars produced in the world.

Corporación Tabaquera Dominicana, S.A.

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