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Cigars, past and present… chasing a great smoke

Tobacco leaves were first used by the Maya, Inca and Aztec Indian tribes, as part of their religious rituals.
Europeans were introduced to tobacco after the early voyages of Columbus.

His sailors learned to smoke a primitive form of cigars from the indigenous tribes they encountered
during their voyages of conquest. Smoking spread to Spain, Portugal and eventually France, Holland and Britain
and was originally thought to have medicinal qualities.
The Dutch eventually introduced tobaacco to Indonesia. Java and Sumatra are today known
for the outstanding quality of their tobacco leaves.


Cigar History

The word cigar originated from sikar, the Mayan Indian word for smoking, although the “cigar “term did not come into general use until the mid 18th century.

The cigar probably arrived in North America in the mid 1700s, when Israel Putnam returned from Cuba, where he had served in the British army, and started cultivating Cuban tobacco seed in Connecticut. By the late 19th Century, cigar smoking had become a popular status symbol in the United States.

Cigars became so widespread among gentlemen during the late 19th Century in Western Europe, that hotels and clubs introduced smoking rooms and trains included smoking cars. The after-dinner cigar, accompanied by a fine brandy, was established as a tradition among upper classes, fostered by the then Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII, despite the annoyance of his Mother, Queen Victoria, who disliked smoking.

Since the early 20th Century, there has been a huge revival in the popularity of cigar smoking and, today, celebrities and film stars have made cigars a glamorous accessory among the rich and famous.

Throughout the years, many small family-owned tobacco companies have found it necessary to merge with large tobacco corporations.

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