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Legend Of Pure Pleasure,
Dominican Pride

Handmade in the Dominican Republic.

SINCE 1994


The legend arises… in 1994 in the Dominican Republic, our brand Rubirosa was born, with the desire to bring pleasure through smoke.

The legend has it that this cigar, like its country, is seductive and attractive, guaranteeing satisfaction even to the most demanding cigar aficionado.

Behind each Rubirosa there is a minimum of three years of aging under the attentions of Rubirosa Company S.R.L master blenders, each long filler leaf is individually blended and hand-bunched, then hand-wrapped using the best Connectitud Share wrapper by the most skilled torcedores. After three years of final seasoning, each custom blended Rubirosa is packed in Spanish Cedar boxes.

This knowledge has been acquired and handed down from generation to generation with the purpose of making this cigar unique. Good cigars, like all good things in life, are the result of dedication and expertise. This is why the best conquests start with a Rubirosa.


Legend Of Pure Pleasure,
Dominican Pride


What do our customers say

“Having lived in the Dominican Republic for some time, I think I know the difference between a bad cigar, a good cigar and a great cigar. The first you find often, the second every once in a while and the third only if you’re lucky. Well I must be lucky. I found Rubiorosas quite by accident, and I’ve never looked back. A clean draw every time, subtle yet rich flavors, an excellent finish; if you are looking for the next great cigar brand, you need look no further.”
Wayne Hammond
Thanks for the tour of the cigar factory. Everyone that worked there was very friendly and took the time to demonstrate their craft. Cigar rolling is truly a form of art. Rubirosa cigars have a distinct flavor. As a female who enjoys cigar smoking, Ribirosa cigars are smooth and pleasant. I purchased the Polos and Caribes. These will make excellent gifts from the Dominican Republic for friends that live in the USA. Thanks again Ianir! See you in August when I return!
Jennifer Norman
Reno, Nevada USA
“For me, smoking a good cigar with a glass of Rioja or fine aged rum is a special experience, a time set apart from the ordinary daily routine. Since moving to Santo Domingo last year, Rubirosa cigars have become my favorites. I especially like the aromatic and smooth smoke of the medium-strength Caribe (43X6). I have visited the factory and have seen firsthand the expertise, the care and the pride that goes into each and every hand-crafted Rubirosa cigar. Whenever I return to Rhode Island, I carry a box with me to share with family and friends and it is always a big hit”
Phil Aaronson Matunuck
Rhode Island
"I've been smoking cigars, good ones for over 30 years. Now that I am in Iraq smoking cigars is a serious business. Fortunately, a friend of mine sent me a box of Rubirosa Caribes. The experience was unprecedented, and I have ordered several boxes more. I doubt I will ever be able to go back to smoking inferior brands, no matter where they are from and who made them. Rubirosa is the best value, taste and quality that you can imagine. Rubirosa—thank you, you're the best."
Luis "El Negro" M.
Baghdad, Iraq
I enjoyed very much the smooth flavour and the splendid aroma of Rubirosa cigars. They have the ultimate conbination between the strong bitter taste of a full body cigar and the easy going flavour of a light, rich tobacco blend.
Itzhak Segev
Eilat, Israel
"Rubirosa, more than a cigar, is a character piece, a slice of history which comes to give us moments of exquisite pleasure without forgetting the essence of the land of men".
Thomas Decarpentrie
Brussels, Belgium

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